Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Filter

As studies have reported, indoor air is more polluted as compared to the outside air. Therefore, spending time indoors exposes you to a lot of ailments like asthma, and bronchitis among other respiratory issues. However, the good thing is that with the aid of an air filter from aprilaire 213, the quality of air is significantly improved and this eliminates the harmful components in the air. The air is cleaned thus improving its health as well as your wealth. Several air filters are offered in the market, and if it is your first time purchasing one, it could be overwhelming for you to choose one. Below are some essential factors that you should put into consideration when buying an air filter.

The Purpose

air purifierWhen selecting an air purifier, you should know your indoor air quality needs. For instance, if you have allergies, purchase an air filter that is designed for allergy relief. These air filters have been found to eliminate 99% of the airborne allergen like dust, pollen, and mold among others. Moreover, if you are triggered by odor, some odor purifiers assist in eliminating the chemical odor in the air as they are designed for that purpose. There are also smoke air filters used to remove smoke and other fumes in the air. Therefore, know what you need the air filter for because that will guide you to purchase a model that suits your needs.

The Size

For you to choose the right size of the air filter, keep in mind the square footage of the room you intend to purify. With the accurate figure in mind, you can easily find an air purifier that has a recommended square foot coverage that matches with your room.

Maintenance and Upkeep

air filterConsider the duration of replacing the filters as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This is essential because that is what will maintain the highest level of pollutants removal. Some filters may last for up to one year while others need to replaced after 3-6 months. Therefore, when shopping for one, put the replacement costs into consideration and get the value for your money.

The Features of the Purifier

Besides the type and size, you should consider other unique features that you may require in an air purifier. Some of the added features include caster wheels, remote controls, air quality sensors and much more. These features are mainly used to make the usage of the air filters easy and convenient for you.…