Factors to Consider When Choosing a Residential Property in Singapore

Buying a residential property is a worthy life accomplishment that many people have always dreamed of. Most of the first–time buyers are overwhelmed by the many factors that need to be considered when purchasing a new residential property in Singapore. Some of the essential factors that can guide you in making this important decision are: whether there are shopping centers around, whether the neighborhood is under construction, the average value of the property, whether you have school going kids and the means of transport used in a specific area.

This area is located on the West Coast of Singapore. The Whistler Grand is an appealing location for people who are interested in investing in Singapore’s residential market. This is one of the private residential areas that have huge potential. In fact, it is one of the highly soughed residential areas. It has a serene environment that makes it a perfect option for parents who have young kids.
Outlined here below are the main factors that you need to consider when looking for a residential premise:


Choosing a suitable location to purchase or rent is very important when it comes to the real estate market. Properties that are well-connected and to public transport are costlier than those which are located in quiet suburbs. The neighborhood of a place is also important. Most of the university towns have a high number of students and a lively nightlife. A peaceful, quiet location is ideal to live in.

Future Development and Building Permits

Investors can get relevant information on varibuilding under constructionous developments that are coming up by visiting the planning departments of the local council. A good neighborhood is characterized by new housing developments, business parks, and shopping centers. This is a clear indication that place is growing. However, people should be very cautious as some developments take a long time to complete. This is an issue that can result in increased noise levels and low quality of air.


Parents who have young children should look for premises that have good schools. Individuals who don’t have young kids should avoid properties that are near schools since because of the large volume of traffic which is experienced in the afternoon and morning hours. The prices of properties that are near schools are high than those of premises located outside the catchment areas.