Pest Control Myths

If you are in search of pest control tips and techniques, it is essential to equip yourself with pest control myths in the industry. If you are not careful to learn the truth, myths will make you think that you do not have a pest problem or you can control the ones you have which are not always the case. Searching through the internet, you will come across a lot of the myths, but still, you can find some of the truths and facts about pests and pest control. In this article, we are going to expose common myths about pests. Read on.

You Will See Pests If You Have Them in Your House

pests, bed bugsThis is one of the most common myths, and you might be panicking if you have believed this lie. One thing you must understand is that pests are great at hiding and it might take you long before meeting one running around. The sad part about pests is that the ones which are good at hiding are the ones which are tough to eliminate. They will hide and multiply such that by the time you notice them they are many in the house. To avoid the multiplication, ensure that you take action to eliminate them as soon as you notice them or their signs.

Bed Bugs Live in Dirty Homes Only

When you think of bed bugs, you can imagine them crawling in a filthy dirty home. But did you know that bed bugs can even invade your sparkling clean house? Yes, they can as long as they are getting food and warmth. Do not assume that your bedroom is too clean for bed bugs because their host is sleeping in that bed and food is what they are after.

Cats Are Effective at Rodent Control

Many people will be shocked to hear this because the cat they have in the house was acquired to help in rodent control. It is true that cats feed on rodents but only if they are hungry. If your cat is well fed, it will lose motivation to hunt and make the rodents its playmates.

You Can Get Rid of Pests on Your Own

spraying pestsIt is okay to try to get rid of pests but knowing when to seek help is essential. You could start by buying chemicals from the stores, but if you are not careful, you might end up making the problem worse. Immediately you realize that your house is invaded by pests, start the search for a professional pest control company like North Fulton Pest Solutions and have your problem solved once and for all.